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New York Doctors Office Urgent Care Patient Reviews & Testimonials

We love our patients at New York Doctors Urgent Care! Our patients mean a lot to us and we love hearing about your experiences at our urgent care facility. Take a look at what some of our patients are saying!


Amazing! Never have to wait and the staff are so friendly!!! The clinic is also very clean and decorated almost like a home. Its actually kind of cute.
– Kate T.


Outstanding. Efficient. Great staff. I was in and out within 30 minutes. Needed a quick appointment due to same day travel and got just what the doctor ordered so to speak. 100% recommend.
– Dave V.

I love this urgent care!

I love this urgent care, they get the job done for whatever you’re coming in for, whether it be a health concern or an injury. I’m pleased with what they did for my daughter and I. The couple of times I’ve come here it’s been nothing but the best and I appreciate it. Dr. Coyne is a very good doctor.
– Corinna G.

staff is friendly and helpful!

The facilities are clean, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the prices are incredibly fair. Went into their office with superficial head wound and was out with stitches and a tetanus shot in less than an hour. I’m more than certain I wouldn’t have had nearly as favorable an experience at any of the local hospitals.
– AJ L.

courteous & professional!

I have been so delighted that this place opened in my neighborhood. My internist is in an inconvenient part of town, requires an advance appointment, & is expensive. Here I can drop in, and with my previous insurance it was a low copay. With my current insurance it’s free.
I have always been seen quickly (I usually go close to when they open), and the doctors & nurses have been thorough, courteous & professional.
I couldn’t be a happier client.
– Aari L.

I wouldn’t hesitate to come here again!

I came back from a trip out of the country with a fever, cough, congestion and general run down feeling. I saw a doctor in that country (Mexico) who checked me out and prescribed Bactiver, a strong anti-biotic. I will wasn’t feeling great and on top of that my girlfriend was coming home from the hospital and for her to stay in the apartment with me she had to be sure I was no longer contagious because her immune system was compromised. Anyway – I called my regular doc who never returned a call so checked out this place. Walked in and met Michelle. I suspect that people who complain about lack of warmth in the reception staff I would ask one question: Did you smile at them? I did so, Michelle was great. Then in 5 minutes I was seen by a physicians assistant – Alicia, then the doctor walked in: I believe her name is spelled Khan – not sure. She was excellent. Took some vital signs, asked questions and listened to my story. She basically offered her support that what I was doing in my treatment was the right thing and that I was probably not contagious. I got home and STILL no call from my doc. I wouldn’t hesitate to come here again.
– Philip L.

The doctors and staff treat treat you promptly, with dignity and respect!

I have been here twice for urgent medical needs (one with mystery symptoms) and both times have been impressed with this facility. The doctors and staff treat you promptly, with dignity and respect, and are thorough. Their knowledge surpasses another urgent “chain” I’ve been to…highly recommend. They helped me, I believe they are competent.
– Jessica V.

Fantastic and professional!

Fantastic and professional. Correctly diagnosed me, got the prescription, and accurately told me when I’d feel better. No issues.
– Anon M.

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